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The MTR mulching machine is used to automatically cover the top layer with mulch. The mulch perfectly protects the plant from drying out and saves a lot of work during weeding. Pots with plants are delivered to the machine via conveyor belts. The machine is equipped with two side belts that pull the pot off the conveyor belt and rotate it along the mulch chute. The pot is carefully sprinkled with mulch. The excess mulch is removed by flexible bars. The rods can be set freely by regulating the amount of mulch remaining in the pot. The finished pot goes back onto the conveyor belt. 

flowerpot 11 cm

15 cm pot

15 cm pot

29 cm pot

The pots with plants rotate under the chute. This ensures that the entire surface of the pot is sprinkled thoroughly. The excess mulch is discharged from the pots by resilient rods suspended above the pots.

Easy pot size adjustment.

The diameter of the pot is regulated by a crank, which can widen or narrow the left and right rubber guides. 

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