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The peat crusher handles big logs with a maximum size of 120 cm x 120 cm and 250 cm high. The big bales can be easily loaded into the machine with a pallet truck. After loading the big log and removing the protective film, the mixing chamber tilts 45 degrees. After turning on the machine, the shovels break the big log into peat lumps and feed them to the shredding head. Crushed peat fills the potting machine container until it reaches the desired level, after reaching the level, the sensors switch off the peat feeding. The peat feeding process resumes automatically when the amount of peat falls down in the container.

flowerpot 11 cm

15 cm pot

15 cm pot

29 cm pot

Hydraulic lifting and lowering of the braker allows for its convenient transport and efficient daily operation.

The large big bale container allows you to load a 120x120 cm pallet with a height of 280 cm

The automatic filling system of the potting machine's container is equipped with probes that will let you to set the desired amount of peat. Watering is automatically activated when the peat is fed. The irrigation nozzles are located both under the peat chute and in the crushing chamber. The taps can be used to adjust the amount and location of the dispensed water.

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